Red Cross Donation Information

Click here for the Red Cross website.  You can also call 1-80-RedCross for informaion on how to donate.

Report: FBI looking into Brownback aides

A report says the FBI is investigating former aides to governor Sam Brownback and whether they used their access to the administration to cu…

Guarding the grid

Electricity powers our homes and businesses. It is a lifeline to keep our infrastructure running smoothly across America, but a year ago, th…

The Hornet’s Nest debuts in Wichita

A daring mission in Afghanistan and Iraq comes to the big screen in Wichita Monday night. “The Hornet’s Nest” is giving the air capital an u…

Salina man sentenced on gun charge

A Salina man was sentenced Monday to 37 months in federal prison on a federal firearms charge, U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said.