How to get a grip on the roads

KSN looks into how you can improve your traction in the snow and ice by talking to several tire experts in Wichita.

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Fire at Sterling College

Thursday’s basketball game at Sterling College was interrupted in between games because of smoke and followed by flames.


Salt becoming ineffective in cold

The city is on a salt shortage to treat the roads but regardless, the salt is ineffective because of the extreme cold.

Waterwalk Place - KSN File Photo

City bidding changes

The City of Wichita is putting together a new resolution, that allows for new bidding procedures for construction projects.


Weather hinders Meals on Wheels

The dangerous driving conditions have kept Meals and Wheels out of commission and has affected a large number of people depending on those m…


Snowfall helping with drought

The recent snowfall is helping the farmers with the drought, but while some farmers are happy, others are finding the snow to be a problem.


Doctors warn about frostbite

With temperatures being so cold over the past few days, bundling up has been extra important to prevent health issues like frostbite.