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DeniseKillian2016 Stephanie Bergmann 2016 Darren Dedo 2016
Denise Killian
News Director
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Stephanie Bergmann
Anchor / Reporter
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Darren Dedo
Anchor / Reporter
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Mark Davidson 2016 Katie Taube 2016 Craig Andres 2016
Mark Davidson
Anchor / Reporter
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Katie Taube
Anchor / Reporter
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Craig Andres
Anchor / Reporter
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Avery Anderson 2016 Ashley Arnold 2016 Chris Arnold 2016
Avery Anderson
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Ashley Arnold
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Chris Arnold
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Molly Brewer 2016 Shardaa Gray 2016 Emily Younger 2016
Molly Brewer
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Shardaa Gray
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Emily Younger
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Santiago Kahn 2016
Santiago Kahn
KSNG Reporter
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Emily Gagnon 2016 Eric Naktin 2016
Emily Gagnon
Sports Director
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Eric Naktin
Sports Anchor
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Storm Tracker Weather

Dave Freeman 2016 Leon Smitherman 2016 Laura Bannon 2016
Dave Freeman
Chief Meteorologist
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Leon Smitherman
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Laura Bannon
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Photos by Don Birmingham Photography

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