Give a Little: P3 Program

The P3 Program through Big Brothers Big Sisters helps at-risk youth who have had minor involvement with the juvenile justice system.

Give a Little: Halla

Halla prepares to head to college thanks to the influences of the Frederick family.

Give a Little: Lanajia

12-year-old Lanajia is a great young guy with a diverse set of interests.

Give a Little: Tre and the Cornejos

Nine years ago, Tre Thomas was matched with the Cornejo family. Today, that match has helped shape a very promising future.

Give a Little: Quinton

Mark Davidson sees the world with 12-year-old Quinton, a fifth grader looking or a Big Brother.

12 Littles of Christmas

This year, we went to Knolla’s Pizza in East Wichita where each waiting Little was given the chance to create their perfect piece and share …

Give a Little: Isaac

Most kids look forward to summer break, but with that comes a lot of free time and the chance to be tempted by bad influences. That makes th…

Give a Little: Family Match

Siblings A.J. and Gabby have both enjoyed being involved with the Hatridge family through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Give a Little: Aaron

In this month’s Give a Little, we meet Aaron, who tells us how the latest Big Brothers Big Sisters initiative may help young men like him.

Family match pairs kids with families

Big Brothers Big Sisters is known for one-on-one mentoring but it is not the only option to help kids. The “family match” pairs a child with…