Dumpster puppies reunited

It was a sad story out of Nevada, six puppies left for dead in a dumpster. But now, 15-months later, the pups are healthy, happy, and hungry…


Pumpkin Fever: Healthy or Not?

While many foods that contain “pumpkin” are automatically considered to be healthy, some pumpkin-flavored foods may actually be quite the op…


Booze and bullets: No mixing!

Controversial new Oklahoma gun range and bar explains its protocol for keeping drinking and shooting separate.


Shoe shocker: Cash stash

Thrift store workers find $5,000 stuffed in shoe, work to find rightful owner.


‘Binky Bandit’ on the run

Oklahoma City police have released surveillance pictures of a man they dubbed the “binky bandit.”


Nude statue raises eyebrows

Houston, Texas residents say recently installed statue belongs in a strip club, not on the street.