Wichitans took the Polar Plunge

A couple dozen people braved the cold weather today and jumped into icy water to help raise money for charity.

Fish Slingshot

Iowa fish launcher ensures dramatic eagle photos.

Jungle Gym Workouts

Adults work out like children in new gym built like a playground.

The Super Bowl Binge

Study shows that you may end up gaining weight if your team loses.

Law suit against Sriracha plant

A Los Angeles suburb is spicing up its lawsuit against a hot-sauce manufacturer it claims polluted the air with pungent smells.

Facebook Legal Faux-Pas

Judge accused of retaliating against woman during divorce case after she rejected her Facebook friend request.

10 Super Bowl Ads to watch out for

Actress Scarlett Johansson gives SodaStream some sex appeal in a controversial spot, Kia revives actor Laurence Fishburne’s “Matrix” charact…

Creeping peeper busted

Man accused of cyber-stalking his 22-year-old stepdaughter and secretly installing hidden cameras in homes of female acquaintances.

Lost in the the tumbleweeds

Massive piles of tumbleweeds continue to cause problems for homeowners in Clovis, New Mexico.