Fire rescuers train in grain

Iowa firefighters train with new grain bin rescue equipment designed to help with deadly accidents that are all too common.


Chicks in the mail

Six baby chicks find a new home after a man mails them to his ex-girlfriend as a prank.


GPS Mixup: Stuck Truck!

Big-driver follows faulty GPS instructions down bike path and onto foot bridge.


Icy crash caught on camera

Officers responding to a crash scene near Rogers, Minnesota became victims themselves when an out-of-control semi struck their squad cars


Pumpkin plucked from deer

Rescuers free deer spotted wandering through Ohio neighborhood with head stuck in plastic Halloween pumpkin.


Miracle on the rails

Train runs over man sleeping on tracks, but leaves him without a scratch.


Detergent pods: a danger for children

Every single hour in this country a child swallows, inhales or is otherwise exposed to the toxic chemicals inside laundry detergent pods.