storm pumps

Sacramento prepares for floods

City pumping stations are being checked ahead of a massive storm system expected to dump rain on the city.

Tossed Pakcage

Caught on Cam: Postman tosses package

United States Postal Service customer is upset after her home surveillance camera captured a postal worker tossing her package onto her porc…


Teen burned alive

Mississippi teen doused with lighter fluid, then set ablaze in gruesome roadside murder.


Cops perform rooftop rescue

Cameras roll as Phoenix police officers risk their own lives to save teen perched on fourth-story ledge.


Officers injured In Denver protest

Driver suffering “medical emergency” slams into police officers escorting protesting Denver high school students, critically injuring one.


One driver, 16 DUIs

Colorado prosecutor says state’s weak DUI laws are partly to blame.

UPS vs. Pregnant Driver

UPS vs. Pregnant Driver

When former UPS driver Peggy Young was pregnant with her daughter in 2006, UPS refused to give her light duty.