Squirrel on Fire

Squirrel on fire

A Derby man saved his neighborhood from a fire – that was started by a flaming squirrel.


Senior Prank: No Laughing Matter

High school seniors thought it would be funny to cut down 23 trees surrounding their high school, but school officials aren’t laughing.


Getting drunk off hand sanitizer

Authorities in Wisconsin remove hand sanitizer from a city building after learning people were drinking to get drunk.

(WFLA photo)

Service dog denied flight

An Iraq war veteran says American Airlines wouldn’t allow him to bring his service dog on the plane, even though he called and checked ahead…


Burglars pick wrong house

Pair ends up in quarantine after breaking into vacant home contaminated with deadly poison.

Police Lights (KSN File Photo)

Cop shoots 93-year-old woman

A police officer in Texas shoots and kills a 93-year-old armed woman. It’s the second time he has shot and killed a suspect in two years.


Family Dog Protects Missing Child

A three-year-old boy is home safe after a seven-hour search and a happy ending. When rescuers had nearly given up, the family pet held on.