A drug-sniffing dog helped uncover 31 pounds of methamphetamine hidden in a suitcase during a traffic stop on Oregon's Interstate 84 near Portland. (Courtesy:    KGW-TV)

Police seize 31 pounds of meth from car

Police in Oregon say a drug dog led them to 31 pounds of methamphetamine packed in a suitcase in a car that officers stopped on Interstate 8…

Danica AnneMarie Cain

Maine mom gives birth in driveway

Abigail Cain was in labor and about to leave for the hospital early Friday morning when she had no choice but to give but to give birth whil…



Office lottery pool nets $1-million Mega Millions jackpot for Syracuse city workers.


Mystery tippers share wealth

Faced with financial hardship, a Tennessee waitress gets $1,075 tip from mysterious customers.