Police probe 900 chicken massacre

More than 900 chickens were beaten to death with golf clubs after burglars broke into a Foster Farms chicken shed.


Transgender policy draws fire

Opponents of Minnesota proposal that would allow transgender athletes to play sports based on gender identity launch controversial ad campai…


Dead child targeted in voter drive

North Carolina conservative group under fire for voter registration mailers addressed to children, the deceased and pets.


Dumpster puppies reunited

It was a sad story out of Nevada, six puppies left for dead in a dumpster. But now, 15-months later, the pups are healthy, happy, and hungry…


Pumpkin Fever: Healthy or Not?

While many foods that contain “pumpkin” are automatically considered to be healthy, some pumpkin-flavored foods may actually be quite the op…


Booze and bullets: No mixing!

Controversial new Oklahoma gun range and bar explains its protocol for keeping drinking and shooting separate.