Officers injured In Denver protest

Driver suffering “medical emergency” slams into police officers escorting protesting Denver high school students, critically injuring one.


One driver, 16 DUIs

Colorado prosecutor says state’s weak DUI laws are partly to blame.

UPS vs. Pregnant Driver

UPS vs. Pregnant Driver

When former UPS driver Peggy Young was pregnant with her daughter in 2006, UPS refused to give her light duty.


Brutal bus attack caught on camera

Four teens are in police custody in connection with a brutal assault on a Cleveland, Ohio bus driver early Sunday morning.


Bell ringer racks up

One Salvation Army bell ringer knows that charm is the secret to success.


Dog takes bullet for family

Family pet leaps into line of fire when man opens fire on family during road rage incident.


Puppies in prison

A New Mexico Corrections program is providing female inmates a chance to take care of puppies.


Newt Invasion!

Olympia man’s yard invaded by hundreds of “rough-skinned yellow bellied newts”.


Toddler shoots mom in the head

Police say 3-year-old killed mother with handgun while she was changing younger sibling’s diaper.