Frightening flight: Jet loses engine cover

HONOLULU, HI (KHNL) – Passengers on board a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Honolulu got quite a scare Tuesday when an engine covering apparently came off mid-flight.

United Airlines flight 1175 was met with fire trucks when it made an emergency landing at Honolulu’s airport at about 1:02 p.m. Tuesday.

The plane was able to land safely and there were no reports of injuries, but passengers said there were some tense moments after the engine problem, which happened about 40 minutes before the plane was due to land.

“There was a loud bang, and then the plane really started shaking,” said passenger Allison Sudiacal. “It was like rattling and the plane was kind of shaking like boom, boom, boom.”

Despite the scary moments mid-air, the plane landed fairly smoothly.