Wichita woman kidnapped this week says bathroom break saved her

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – She was robbed, kidnapped at gun point and forced to drive around town. Now she is opening up about what she says is one of the scariest days of her life.

“I feel like I should be a wreck right now but I am not,” says Sarah Packard.

Sarah Packard keeps things light. So much so, you might not believe what happened to her this week.

“I did not intend for anyone getting in my car that day,” Packard explains.

It was supposed to be a simple exchange. Money for a ring she was selling online. Packard met with the buyer at a local Jimmy Johns.

“He was kind of muttering about how cold it was and it was. It was freezing,” says Packard.

She says she let the buyer, Miguel Ibanez, into her car.

“I had my guard down,” she says.

Instead of pulling out cash, Packard says Ibanez pulled out a gun.

“He just said you are going to drive and you are going to do nothing else,” she says.

So, she drove.

“He said you won’t run because if you run I will get you and I will shoot you,” Packard explains.

Short on options, the 24-year-old woman gripped her rosary beads and followed his directions.

“I react to fear with humor,” says Packard. “So I was trying to make him laugh the whole time. I made him put his seat belt on and he thought that was hilarious. I knew the best plan of action was to be calm and wait for your chance.”

The chance eventually came.

“Yep. My chance was my awfully small bladder.”

She says she told Ibanez she had to go to the bathroom.

“I was trying to make a joke but he believed me I guess because he said well there is a Quik Trip right there go there,” says Packard.

Packard went inside, flagged down an employee, and they called police.

She says a QT employee went above the call of duty when she protected her from Ibanez.

“That is why I called her a hero, because she ran between us and she was amazing and she stared him down and he left,” she says.

It’s a day that changed Packard’s life, but not who she is.

As for the suspect, Ibanez has been booked on charges with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery. He is being held on a $100,000.