Game on: 72-hour tournament raises funds for Finch family

Viet Hong plays online wizard poker.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Viet Hoang never met Andrew Finch, but was “appalled” at the circumstances surrounding his death. Finch was shot dead on his front porch by a Wichita police officer after receiving a “swatting” call from an online gamer.

Hoang owns Next Level Cafe LLC, a gaming cafe in south Wichita. He wanted to do something for Finch’s family.

“It hurt even more knowing that it started because of something from a gaming community, so I wanted to counterbalance the bad with the good,” Hoang said Sunday.

Next Level is hosting a 72 hour gaming marathon in memory of Andrew Finch. It’s pay-to-play, all funds raised will go toward Finch’s family for expenses surrounding his death and to support his two young children.

Hoang says, gamers are typically night owls so he knew the tournament would be a hit.

“I guess you could say it’s like gamers apologizing for gamers,” Hoang said.

Several hundred dollars have been raised, along with some gamers coming through with cash donations and items to be auctioned for donation all to help the Finch family.

Hoang said while gamers are usually regarded as introverted, they are also extremely generous.

“Honestly, I’m not surprised at all. I know the community. We are all warm-hearted, big-hearted people,” Hoang said.

The tournament continues until tomorrow at noon.

AUTHOR NOTE: the video says Hoang is playing online wizard poker. The game is called Hearthstone, not wizard poker.