FL: Woman kidnapped, killed in murder-for-hire mistake

Florida police have arrested three people in connection with a botched murder-for-hire plot that left Janice Marie Zengotita Torres, 42, dead. (Photo courtesy CNN)

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. (CNN) – Florida police have arrested three people in connection with a botched murder-for-hire plot.

Kissimmee detectives say a woman hired a couple to kill a romantic rival, and the couple killed the wrong woman.

Russell Gibson/Osceola County Sheriff: “This was a murder for hire,” said Osceola County Sheriff Russell Gibson.

Sheriff Gibson says 35-year-old Ishnar Lopez Ramos confessed to hiring Glorianne Quinones Montes and Alexis Ramos Rivera Junior.

They say she wanted them to kill a romantic rival who worked at a Ross Dress for Less store in Kissimmee.

And last Sunday night, detectives say they kidnapped a woman who they thought was that rival. But they say they soon discovered it was actually the wrong woman — it was 42-year-old Janice Marie Zengotita Torres.

“However the suspects continued with their plan of murder and tied the victim with the zip ties and her head and duct tape and garbage bags,” said Sheriff Gibson.

Gibson says Rivera beat Torres while her head was covered, and he says she died of suffocation. He said the three of them dumped Torres’ body 91 miles away in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Ormond Beach.

The sheriff choked back tears as he said he looks forward to justice being served.

“I get emotional because it touches me so deeply that one of our citizens was killed in such a manner over a mistake in identification and in the end it appears to be a lover’s triangle,” said Sheriff Gibson. “Wow.”

All three of the people involved have been charged with first-degree murder.

The woman who was the original target of the plot was told about the scheme, but has turned down an offer of protective services.