WFD: Truck used without permission in rap music video

KSN News.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – After a Wichita fire truck was used in a music video by local rappers, it sparked an internal investigation by the department.

The Fire Marshal tells KSN based on that investigation, the truck in the video was used without permission.

Fire Marshal Stuart Bevis says part of this investigation was a personnel matter, and that information cannot be released.

But he says there is now a report of the incident with Wichita Police.

Once images of local rappers beside fire engine 15 circulated online, Bevis says they heard about it from residents.

“There were some people who were very concerned and they were wondering how this was allowed to happen,” said Stuart Bevis, Wichita Fire Department.

It started an administrative investigation, which Bevis says, is now complete.

He says from this they’ve learned it was used without any member’s permission and no one knew it was happening at the time.

“They were away from their apparatus taking care of other work duties, doing what they’re supposed to be doing and doing a great job,” said Bevis.

Bevis says the department filed a police report, but at this time, the municipal court prosecutor is not filing any charges.

He adds that all staff were made aware of the situation to ensure members are staying true to their mission, while being friendly in the community.

“Made them more aware of their surroundings, that these things can happen unfortunately pretty quickly, but it’s also we have to balance, because we are a public entity and we’re out in the public and people want to see the firefighters and see the fire truck,” said Bevis.

KSN tried to talk with the rappers in the video and the group that shot the video, and was unable to connect with them.

The police report is for criminal trespass, and was made a week ago.

There are no charges at this time but Bevis says, that could change depending on the situation.