Next Level Cafe holding 72-hour gaming event for Andrew Finch’s family

(Photo courtesy KSN News)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Members of the gaming community are holding a charity event for Andrew Finch’s family.

Organizers of the event say even though they weren’t connected to the swatting incident, they are willing to help the family.

“What happened, this swatting, was just really one terrible egg, you know, who can’t see two seconds ahead of his actions, basically,” said Viet Hoang. “But, despite him not representing us, we’re still willing to take responsibility for it.”

The 72-hour event at n Next Level Cafe began at noon Friday and will run until Sunday. The business said every eight hours they will be holding some sort of gaming event that anyone can join. To join an event, just be present and have $5 ready.

All proceeds will go to the Finch family.

Schedule of Events:

12pm – 6pm: Uno Tournament – $5
6pm – 12am: Super Smash Brothers – $5

12am – 12pm: Lock-in – $20
12pm – 6pm: Jenga 2v2 – $10 per team of 2
6pm – 12am: Tekken – $5

12am – 12pm: Lock-in – $20
12pm – 6pm: Settlers of Cataan
6pm – 12am: Hearthstone

12am – 12pm: Lock-in – $20