Local businesses spending big bucks for New Year’s Eve

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – It’s been pretty chilly in Kansas these days and folks are looking for any excuse to stay home. However, New Year’s Eve is serving as an exception for the million who will join rooms full of strangers, to chant the legendary New Year’s countdown. Sunday KSN hit some of the popular spots around town to ask how they’re preparing for the New Year’s Eve rush.

“It’s absolutely one of the busiest nights,” said Pumphouse bar manager, Cade Nolte. “It’s one of the trickiest nights too because people don’t really bar hop. They find a bar that they like.”

Nolte says he wants to make sure his bar is one that people plan on staying at all night. So, he’s created a pretty hefty checklist for what it means to reach New Year’s Eve standards.

“We’ve had 10 bartenders on every night this week; we’ve had full security staff,” he said. ‘We’ve also spent extra money for a DJ and a light show.”

I spoke to other bar managers around Old Town and each of them say safety is their number one concern for the night, but a close second is everyone having a good time. Management adds that the cold weather does affect the night but doesn’t stop people from going out.

“New Year’s Eve we usually get to around capacity so you want to get here early because it’s going to be cold to wait outside in the line,” said Nolte. “VIP cards don’t work tonight so keep that in mind if you’re one of our regulars. We hope to see you out tonight but we understand.”

Nolte says some of his staff have worked close to 20-hour days over the holiday weekend but there is a calm at the end of the storm. Pumphouse joins other local bars in the area that will be closed for the next few days.

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