Police explain details of Wednesday chase that landed suspect in jail

Wichita, Kan. (KSNW) – Wichita Police Deputy Chief Troy Livingston talked about the police chase that ended Wednesday with a suspect shot and in custody.

“As we work through information and interview the officers, we get a clearer picture of what happened,” says Livingston. “The male suspect fired shots inside the business and then fired more shots at officers in the parking lot. Wichita officers returned fire and we later learned the suspect was shot once in his lower jaw.”

Livingston said the suspect took off in a truck, and the chase was on. Officers used stop sticks to try to stop the truck.

“The suspect also swerved at an officer attempting to deploy stop sticks,” said Livingston.

Some witnesses who saw the end of the chase describe what happened, and say it appears stop sticks may have worked.

“And I saw the silver truck and so I saw that it had no tire…on the back passenger side,” said Meri Jackson who works near the corner of Maple and Maize roads. “Right as the truck pulled in, the police were just right on him and they blocked him in.”

Nichole works at a different business on the corner.

“And then he busted the corner right there at Family Video and so that’s when I saw that he only had one tire,” said Nichole. “Turning the corner, and by that time he was like spinning out there by the ice machine and that was it. That’s when all the cops started swarming in.”

We asked officers when they decide to chase and they said it comes down to individual case-by-case decisions.

In Wednesday’s chase, there was an immediate decision to chase.

“We make it a practice to chase people who are committing serious crimes. Once he (suspect) shot at the officer, we have severe charges on that person — aggravated assault or attempted murder,” said Livingston. “So the officers engaged in that pursuit, and feeling that he is a danger to the community, elected to pursue. If you think about it, if someone is going to shoot at police officers, they are a risk to our community.”

And it’s a risk to the community that leads police to make the decision to pursue.

Charges are expected as early as this week.

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