Gov. Brownback recaps 2017, talks goals for 2018

Capitol Bureau Chief Courtney Ryan sits down with Kansas Governor Sam Brownback for an interview. (Photo courtesy KSN News)

TOPEKA (CAPITOL BUREAU) – Governor Sam Brownback sat down with Capitol Bureau Chief Courtney Ryan to talk about the past year.

When asked about the biggest accomplishment in 2017, Brownback said the economy is doing well.

“Well I think the biggest thing for the state of Kansas that has happened so far is the economy has picked back up. We were a in rural recession for 15 and 16 and things have picked back up,” Brownback said.

Brownback also pointed to addressing water issues in the state as another success.

“We’ve been overusing our water supply and this year I announced that we’re going to be moving most of the Ogallala aquifer to a sustainable use, so we’re not draining it.”

When it comes to the federal tax plan, which includes pieces from his aggressive tax plan, the Governor says it’ll positively impact small businesses.

“I think this is really going to help, it’s going to help the economy. Our corporate tax rates have been way too high for a long period of time and that makes our big companies not as competitive globally and this will help us be more competitive,” said Brownback. “The key piece that they took out of the Kansas plan is the growth of small businesses and having tax cuts targeted to help small businesses.”

The Governor says while he doesn’t know when Congress will vote on his nomination as ambassador at large for religious freedom, he does have goals for the state in 2018.

“Gets us, to, and keep a balanced budget, fund schools properly, getting our healthcare system in a good stable position,” said Brownback. “I’d like to see a couple of things expand one would be a new dental school at the University of Kansas, the medical school, to have that taking place. Having more graduate medical education or basically residencies programs for doctors in the state, I’d like to see that move forward.”

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