Terrifying road rage caught on camera

(Photo courtesy NBC)

(KSDK) Missouri police are looking for Scott Heatherly after his violent road rage incident was caught on camera last week.

The terrifying surveillance video shows Heatherly tackling a woman to the ground in an Arnold Walgreens parking lot Friday in what police believe is a case of road rage.

The 50-year-old Arnold, Missouri, resident was charged with second-degree assault as well as first and second-degree property damage. He has not been taken into custody.

The woman said Heatherly was driving a pick-up truck and followed her from the interstate to the parking lot of the Walgreens, berating her for throwing something out of her window, which she says she did not do.

After Heatherly kicked the woman’s SUV several times, she got out of her car with her phone, and he charged at her, throwing her to the ground and tossing her cell phone across the parking lot. Seconds later, Heatherly got back in his truck and nearly ran over the woman as he sped away.

The woman said she is still so scared he will track her down, she asked to remain anonymous, but she wants everyone to see the damage to her SUV and the injuries he caused.