Nanny to the rescue after thief attempts to steal package

(Photo courtesy CNN)

OLYMPIA, Wash. (CNN) – Watch as home surveillance catches a woman as she walks up to the front door of a home in Washington, grabs a package and runs to a getaway car that is slowly driving with the door open.

This isn’t your ordinary package theft story. Just as the woman tries to get in the getaway car the driver bolts, causing her to fall.

The getaway car fled because someone was running after the thief.

That someone was Kate Anderson, the nanny who was home at the time, watching over a one-year-old baby.

Anderson said a package arrived, and 10 minutes later, so did the thief.

“She was dressed nice, she had a dog in her jacket, this is just crazy,” said Anderson.

Crazy didn’t stop Kate. She said she saw the woman pick up the package from the front door and decided to run after her.

“I continued to run and like ‘Hey, you not nice person! I see you stealing from me’ and when shes was on the ground I kind of kept her there,” explained Anderson.

Anderson said the woman tried to tell her she wasn’t stealing.

“That’s when she was literally like I was just checking your address, and I was like, ‘No girl, I just saw you steal something,'” added Anderson.

Anderson held the woman there for eight minutes until police showed up and arrested her.

“If someone is doing something wrong, I’m not afraid to put them in check.”

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