Heimlich hero saves choking friend

WENTZVILLE, Mo. (KSDK) – A Missouri high schooler is a hero after saving the life of an 8th grade student.

Kaelie Burk was heading home from Wentzville Middle School on the bus when she said someone up front tossed a quarter down the aisle.

The quarter happened to land in Kaelie’s throat. Austin Medlock, a high school sophomore, was a couple seats away from Kaelie when he saw her choking.

He stood up and performed the Heimlich Maneuver on her, a quick action that saved Kaelie’s life by clearing her airway.

“It didn’t get the quarter all the way out, but at least she was able to breathe,” said Austin.

X-rays showed the quarter in Kaelie’s throat. Doctors were able to remove it.

“They said if he wouldn’t have given me the Heimlich I would not be here,” Kaelie said. “I think that he’s my hero.”

A hero – making his mom proud.

“Austin has autism spectrum disorder, and just to know that he was in tune with what was going on on a rowdy bus is amazing to me. And he did exactly what you’re supposed to do,” Jeanie Blizzard said.