Derby therapist on Thanksgiving political talk: “Don’t take the bait”

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Thanksgiving Day has lots to enjoy, football, turkey, Christmas music? But once you gather around the table, what do you talk about?

“I guess I will have my memory refreshed tomorrow when we have dinner again,” says Wichitan, Rick Kimminau.

What about politics?

“It is pretty much a no at the Mildren household at the in-laws,” says Kimminau.

“No, no politics at my table,” adds Wichitan Pam Chiles.

It’s bound to come up somewhere.

“I feel like it is really important for us as a society to care about what is going on in politics especially when you are young,” adds Wichitan Yasmin Mur.

And at least one therapist is saying to avoid it!

“Don’t take the bait,” says Counselor Lori Young. “Don’t jump in even if you do feel strongly about it.”

Young says you can enjoy a good conversation without stirring the pot.

She references Colossians 4:6 from the Bible.

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”

Young says you should spend time loving each other, or catching up with a family member who is maybe going through a tough time.

But she knows it’s not that cut and dry.

“Unfortunately, you have always got the one person who wants to have everything seasoned with cayenne pepper and tobasco sauce including the conversation,” explains Young.

She says direct the convo away from politics, excuse yourself from the table or get another serving of turkey.

“Your dad usually tells an inappropriate joke or two at the time,” says Kimminau.

But others, say they won’t shy away.

“I think it is important to talk about it with older people or family and people who maybe don’t agree with you and then maybe share your opinions and why you feel that way,” says Wichitan Fino Gridiely.

If you find yourself at a table that just can’t stop talking politics, Young says.

“Surely, they wouldn’t follow you to the restroom.”