80-year-old Wichita man runs 800 miles

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Thanks to a Wichita man 80 years old may be the new 50.

“This Is what a guy looks like after 800 miles,” said Larry Peck.

That was what Larry Peck, 79 at the time, said as he crossed a makeshift finish line in early November. The now 80-year-old had just accomplished his goal of running 800 miles in less than five months. However, Peck’s journey to the 800 miles started long before the summer of 2017.

“I got on the scale one morning and I weighed 194 pounds and I thought ‘wow, that’s too much and I don’t feel good!'” Peck said.

Soon after that Peck, a retired special education teacher, turned to running.

“I just started coming down here to the park and running. The weight started coming off slowly, felt better and just kept it up,” he said.

Peck makes it his goal to run between 2-to-6 miles a day. He admits, it’s was not always an easy task.

“Half walking, half jogging, I’d call it,” Peck said. “I can run 6 miles without stopping, now. I couldn’t run six blocks when I first started.”

As Peck’s workouts got easier for him, he decided to set a new goal for himself.

“I thought, you know, I love to run, so why don’t I just challenge myself to do 800 miles before I’m 80 years old. That was June the 11,” Peck said.

Peck accomplished his goal of running 800 miles in early November. His family welcomed him with signs and balloons as he crossed his makeshift finish line at the Sedgwick County Park.

“It felt good. I was proud to do it and extremely happy that I could finish that in five months because I didn’t know if my body would hold up or not,” he said.

KSN asked Peck’s wife of more than 50 years how she felt about her husband’s running accomplishment.

“I thought how in the world is he going to get this done in five months. That is way, way out of realm, but he did it,” said Val Peck.

Larry Peck kept a log of the miles he ran each day. He said his next goal is to run Route 66 which is about 2,400 miles. If he completes that goal, Peck said he would likely reward himself with some ice cream, his favorite food.

KSN asked Peck if he has any advice for others looking to set and accomplish their goals.

“Just keep going and going,” he said.

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