Small Kansas town ready for bigger things

FREEPORT, Kan. (KSNW) – One Kansas town may no longer exist after today’s votes are cast. Freeport is the smallest incorporated city in the state and some residents say it’s just too much work to keep it incorporated. KSN took a trip to Harper County before the polls closed to ask residents of Freeport what they thought about the possible change.

Freeport currently has eight residents and only two of them are registered voters, Carol and Bill Peterson. The Peterson’s also happen to be the town’s mayor and the treasurer.

“We are the only two left,” said Bill. “You’re looking at Freeport’s city council.”

The Peterson’s are married and say they are not paid to hold the position of mayor and treasurer and actually are considered volunteers.

“The vote today could mean there’d be no more city government period,” said Carol.

For some, that may be a harsh reality but for the Peterson’s, it’s great news.

“We didn’t have much left to manage,” explained Bill. “We manage a dozen or so street lights that keep the streets lit. Also, we’re trying to keep our post office and keep our streets open, gravel paved but other than that there really simply wasn’t anything left to manage.”

Yet and still, these two can’t just do away with their titles. A formal addition was added to today’s voting poll, giving all the registered voters of Freeport a chance to cast their vote.

“There are two other people who no longer live here but they cast absentee ballots,” said Carol. “I’m not actually sure what their votes are.”

The votes are all in but will not be confirmed until Friday evening. We will have those results on whether or not the town of Freeport will remain it’s own city or merge with other Harper Country towns as one.

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