Wichita Animal Services wants larger staff to keep officers on the streets

KSN News.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – We’ve told you about recent cases of animals being found neglected or abused in Wichita and surroundings areas.

Animal control officers respond to many of these cases but they can’t get to all of them.

Meet Aayda, the pit bull puppy whose story we’ve been following who was left to starve in a north Wichita alleyway.

She is just one of many animals abandoned in the city, and just one of the many calls Wichita Animal Services may receive.

But being short-staffed makes it difficult for a quick response.

“We have looked at different options, to try to alleviate some of those staffing levels,” said Lt. Brian Sigman, Director of Wichita Animal Services.

One of those options includes a request to the city to increase shelter staff by adding five positions.

Lieutenant Brian Sigman, the director of Wichita Animal Services, says the kennel techs would be new to the shelter. He says they would help get more officers on the street.

“It will help alleviate a lot of the animal control officers who have to come in and do the shelter clean ups and duties like that,” said Sigman.

He says a larger staff will allow officers to spend more time on high priority calls and investigations. It’s also about greater public safety.

“Having a little more time is going to increase their safety, citizens’ safety and allow us to be able to answer more calls in more of a timely manner,” said Sigman.

Sigman says that request is in the city manager’s office now.