Cornell McNeal to undergo competency testing

SEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) – Cornell Antoine McNeal, the man charged with the brutal rape, beating, murder and setting on fire of a Wichita woman in Fairmount Park was in court on Friday.

Evidence shows McNeal attacked victim Letitia Davis, 36, as she walked through Fairmount Park from a friend’s home in November 2014. Davis died from her injuries more than a week after the attack.

McNeal was in Judge Warren Wilbert’s chambers as his defense answered questions regarding his competency to stand trial. McNeal’s defense said they want their own physician, a Dr. Logan, to evaluate McNeal at Larned State Hospital, a psychiatric facility.

“I don’t feel like it is fair to Mr. McNeal to drag him screaming and kicking to a second set of evaluations as it may be,” McNeal’s defense said Friday.

When Judge Wilbert asked questions of McNeal, he continued his habit of closing his eyes and not responding.

“Mr McNeal this is your opportunity to object and if you choose not to do so, I’m going to construe your acquiescence or your silence to be acquiescence at your attorney’s request,” Judge Wilbert said. “Seeing no response from Mr. McNeal, this request pending examination from state hospital will be charged to the defendant for speedy trial purposes between Monday October 16 and Monday December 18.”

McNeal has a hearing set for December 15th and a holding date for December 18 is set for a jury trial.

McNeal’s right hand was wrapped in a gauzy splint. His attorneys refused comment on the matter.