Future farmers focus on technology

Future farmers focus on technology at 3-I show in Dodge City on Thursday. (Photo courtesy KSN News)

DODGE CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – Just as technology has changed our lives with computers, smart phones and GPS, it’s done the same for farmers.

John Kennedy grew up in a farming family and wants to share his knowledge with future students.

“I’d absolutely love to be a high school ag teacher and FFA adviser and bring more kids to FFA and agriculture education,” said John Kennedy, a student at KSU.

Specifically, Kennedy wants to help recruit analytical thinkers to the agriculture industry.

“The ag industry is seeing a lot of change in the area of science,” explained Kennedy. “There’s a lot of career opportunities in science and technology, engineering and math for students to pursue in agriculture.”

Fowler student, Seth Cross, has no family connection to agriculture but wants to work in welding and mechanics on farming equipment.

“Technology has really helped us out a lot, like for combines, for instance. The GPS and navigation systems, it helps us keep a straight line while cutting, get maximum cut,” said Cross.

However Cross says technology is a double-edged sword.

“Back in the old days, there would be 50 people working on the farm, and now it’s only about two, the farmer and the technician,” said Cross.

Both Cross and Kennedy say there is more job diversity than ever.

“You can be an agricultural lobbyist. You can be an ag scientist, an agronomist,” said Kennedy. “There’s so many different careers that it’s really a growing and upcoming industry that we need a lot more people to be involved in.”

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