Police backtrack, allow Andover family to keep one of their two dogs

ANDOVER, Kan. (KSNW) – Remember Diesel and Abby? They are the two dogs in the doghouse for being pit bulls in a city that doesn’t allow them.

But now one of these K-9’s has a new leash on life in Andover.

“When I went and looked at it myself it just to me did not look like a pit bull,” says Captain Joseph Schroeder. “It looked like a beagle.”

Captain Schroeder, of the Andover Police Department, says when they were initially made aware of the Foley’s dogs and went to their home, the family admitted they did have two pit bulls.

But later he says the family called police and asked them to come take another look at Diesel.

Diesel is a proud member of the Foley family. (Photo courtesy KSN News)

“When we look at these animals, we know that this is somebody’s pet or family member.” said Schroeder. “It is a very serious thing for us to make that determination.”

The determining factor? Captain Schroeder says there’s eight of them.

“You are looking at the ears and you are looking at mostly the muscle structure of the jaws, the neck and the shoulders,” Schroeder explained.

They use a list of characteristics, the same one Wichita Police use to determine what is a pit bull. They do not DNA test.

Characteristics like a broad, blunt wedge head, a strong under-jaw and a very muscular physique.

If a dog fits at least five of the characteristics, then in Andover, it’s considered a pit bull.

Diesel didn’t fit the mold.

“There was no doubt in my mind that it was not a pit bull. It may have some pit bull in its lineage but not enough for someone to say that that is a pit bull,” said Schroeder.

A relief for a family who gets to keep at least one of their pups.

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