Watch out! Lice may be lurking in your Halloween costume

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – It’s almost that time of year for kids to go trick-or-treating.

But parents, be aware when you’re shopping for costumes.

Some medical officials say cases of head lice rise this time of year.

“Oh, I didn’t know that?!”

They didn’t realize how easily head lice can spread when trying on a mask, wig or hat.

Just keep in mind there are ways to prevent these creepy predators.

Once you buy a costume, put it in a sealed bag for 48 hours. The tiny pest can only last for 48 hours without oxygen.

Another suggestion is to toss the costume in your dryer for 45 minutes, the heat will also kill lice.

Just make sure it’s dryer safe or simply do what Mary Brito plans to do.

“Before she wears it, just wash before. That’s it!”

One other suggestion, medical professionals say you can always wear a swim cap if you’re trying on wigs or hats for any occasion.