Senator Jerry Moran visits Wichita, talks social media, healthcare and tax reform

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Speaking to the media at the Wichita Hyatt Monday, Senator Jerry Moran had plenty to say, even addressing the topic of political rhetoric on social media.

“The back and forth between the White House and between members of Congress and others, that is a distraction that take us away from the goal of actually doing something,” says Senator Moran.

Something like tackling healthcare. Senator Moran says the GOP’s scramble to replace Obamacare is keeping lawmakers busy.

“The problem with the Affordable Care Act is it still is too expensive for many people. They can’t afford the premiums, and the co-payments and deductibles are so high that it is almost, for many, as if they have no insurance,” says Moran.

Moran made headlines this summer after not supporting the Republican’s latest effort on healthcare reform. He says it’ll take teamwork. Something Democrats and Republicans are frankly still working on.

But Moran says progress is being made.

In fact, we now have a Republican Chairman of a committee working with a Democrat, a ranking member of that committee, trying to find a path that stabilizes the cost of healthcare, the premiums and give states more flexibility to make decisions about healthcare for their citizens and their state.”

Another important issue is tax reform.

Republicans in the House and Senate are officially on the clock for a Nov. 13 deadline to have a proposal.

He says they’re looking at ways to help the working class keep jobs, and simplify the tax code.

“A question would be do democrats want to be helpful in this? Or would they like to see republicans have another circumstance in which they couldn’t get it accomplished?”

Moran says they need to draft legislation that works and not just passes. Instead of rushing legislation out of a sense of Urgency.