Hometown Heroes: Wichita woman has passion for volunteering

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – This week KSN is excited to start a new series called “Hometown Heroes.”

Our first is Kathy Bowles. She is a true “Hometown Hero” for the incredible volunteer work she does for the Wichita area.

Many times you’ll find her behind a hot stove, making meals for people at the Lord’s Diner, Guadalupe Shelter, Circles, or St. John’s Episcopal Church. She is even a Deacon in her own church.

“I really don’t honestly for the most part, don’t feel like I’m doing all that much. I know people say how do you do it all? I feel like I’m not doing all that much,” she said.

You’d think Kathy would be exhausted from all her charity work, but she’s far from it. She’s also a volunteer nurse at the Guadalupe Medical Center.

“People clearly need the help, that they’re not able to get anywhere else. They can’t afford it anywhere else. So, it’s really nice seeing people get what they need for their medical care.”

To learn why Kathy has such a big heart, you have to go back a few years.

“One of the memories that stands out for me is driving into the city of Chicago and seeing someone sleeping on the bench not really understanding the concept of that. That weighed on me for many, many years.”

The image of someone with no family, no home, no money, changed Kathy’s life forever.

When she got back to Wichita, she knew she had to do something to help our community during a red-hot Kansas summer.

“We just went out taking out ice-cold bottles of water out to people. I was really concerned about the health of people. I’d seen several homeless people come through my unit, heat stroke is kind of scary. I felt like I needed to do something and try to help.”

Today, Kathy sits on the board of Interfaith Ministries. If she’s not providing meals to the homeless, it is stocking the shelter with clothes for when winter arrives.

“I just do stuff because I like helping people. It’s something I get joy out of it. It’s not just something they get out of it, I get something out of it.”

Kathy is a true hometown hero, who says a higher power is guiding her on a mission of hope and mercy.

“Yeah, I do feel God is calling me to do this type of work.”

While the weather is fine now, Kathy is already helping to stock the Interfaith Shelter with warm clothes for the homeless.

If you would like to help her mission, you can drop clothing at the Interfaith offices.

KSN would love to here more about your Hometown Heroes in your city or town. You can send nominations to Darren at darren.dedo@ksn.com or reportit@ksn.com.

Darren will be featuring Hometown Heroes on Monday nights on KSN News at 10 p.m.

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