‘He was shot 5 times, God is why he’s here’

Cortney and Moniqueka Holloway (Photo courtesy Under the Willow Tree Photography)

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The victim in the shooting at a Wichita Kansas Department of Revenue office has been identified as Cortney Holloway, a revenue agent. KSN spent the day speaking with friends and family members who all say Cortney is a noble man, husband and devoted father.

It’s been a very emotional 24 hours for the Holloway family. Via Christi’s ICU waiting room was full of anxious family members and close friends Wednesday, waiting for updates on Cortney’s condition. The hospital reported his condition moved from critical to serious, which is an improvement but the family says it’s only by the grace of God that Cortney is still alive after being shot five times.

Cortney and Moniqueka Holloway (Photo courtesy Under the Willow Tree Photography)

“Cortney and I are active members of Resurrection Community Church where Riccardo Harris is the pastor,” said wife Moniqueka Holloway. “God is the head of our lives and we believe that while this was an attempt to create a level of disaster, our faith in God will pull him through and everything in his body will be as it was before all of this happened.”

Moniqueka has been married to Cortney for 12 years. They have two sons together.

“He shows up to everything for those boys; every game and every event. Anything that’s important to them, Cortney is there and if it wasn’t for God, I would’ve had to explain to them that their father wasn’t coming home.”

The Holloway family has received an enormous amount of support from the community and while they did express gratitude for the calls and the prayers, they still have questions surrounding the person who is accused of shooting Cortney and the series of events that led up to that moment.

“He had so many opportunities to just turn around and do something differently but he actively pursued,” said Moniqueka.

Another hard reality has been the $150,000 bond that was initially set for the man who is currently under investigation for the incident, jailed on suspicion of attempted first degree murder. It has since been raised to $250,000 according to jail records, that say  the suspect is held on a state warrant. Official charges have not yet been filed.

“It’s not right,” she said. “I’m just trying to rationalize how a judge or attorney can think that it is OK for an individual to willingly target and attempt to murder another individual and have the opportunity to be free.”

Moniqueka says her faith in God is what keeps her and her family motivated, recalling a conversation she had with her husband before he was shot.

“We’re watching an Oprah series called Black Love and we started talking about what we looked forward to,” she said. “I told him I wanted to grow old with him and sit outside swinging on a porch.”

These words resonated with Cortney, even during his darkest time.

“When I got a chance to talk to Cortney, she recalled. He said as he was being shot, he was thinking, I got to make it to that porch. God I got to make it to that porch with my wife; my wife needs me at that porch.”

The family says they were told that they would be notified if the suspect is released. They also have requested that the suspect be mandated to 24 hour watch, if he is released.

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