Watch Live: NBC coverage of Hurricane Harvey

(NBC News) Hurricane Harvey is now a powerful Category 3 storm with sustained winds topping 110 miles per hour.

It is the strongest storm to target the Texas coast in almost half a century.

The most severe hit from the storm is expected overnight, leaving those in its path little time to move to higher ground.

So far evacuations have been voluntary.

“We’re targeting areas, we’re encouraging people in our low lying areas, in the strongest language other than mandatory, to get out of Dodge,” Corpus Christi Mayor Tom McComb said Friday.

Thousands are heeding that call.

The same push is underway in Port Lavaca, where bus loads of people and pets are being shuttled to safety.

Still, for some in the strike zone there is nowhere to go. Those who plan to ride it out are preparing as best they can, stocking up on supplies and boarding up windows.

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