Kansan living in Texas braces for Hurricane Harvey

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – With Hurricane Harvey now hitting landfall in Texas, many people in that area and even farther inland are bracing for what’s to come.

Lucas Hershberger, a former employee at KSN, lived in Wichita for 31 years.

He moved to Seguin, Texas, which is about 120 miles north of Corpus Christi, two years ago.

Hershberger says he was just in Port Aransas, one of the areas being hit by Hurricane Harvey, earlier this week.

“It was really eerie leaving there knowing that this place is going to look completely different on Friday and seeing the footage of Hurricane Harvey hitting landfall down there, it’s shocking,” said Hershberger.

He says while they might dodge the hurricane force winds, they are still expected to be hit pretty hard.

“We are definitely going to get the rain, that is the major threat, the last model I saw from my town that came out this afternoon and it was saying 23 and a half inches of rain in Seguin,” said Hershberger.

Despite that, Hershberger, his wife Morgan and their newborn daughter are making the necessary preparations to ride out the storm.

“We have our flashlights ready to go, we got our batteries ready to go, we went to the store earlier this morning, loaded up on the bottled water and non perishables,” said Hershberger.

As well as boxing up memories, like wedding albums in case their home does end up flooding.

For a man who spent more than 30-years here in Wichita, the fear of the unknown from Hurricane Harvey isn’t far from his mind.

“I’ve seen countless tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings, blizzards, hail storms, you name it, living in Kansas, I’ve seen it, but with Harvey and as strong as it is and what it’s doing and how they are saying it’s just going to sit and spin and not go anywhere, I will be honest, I’m scared of what is going to come from this storm,” said Hershberger.

Hershberger says he has seen FEMA staging trailers and shelters in his town in preparation for the storm.

He’s hopeful that everybody will keep the people down there in their prayers, as they ride out this potentially catastrophic storm.

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