Local mom shares how the Treehouse changed her life

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WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A race this coming Monday will help support moms and their families in need here in the Wichita area.

The charity is unique – local to Wichita – and they don’t just hand out diapers and formula.

Their moms earn the supplies – by educating themselves at classes provided by the Treehouse.

Their goal is to offer a better future for the moms and babies so the next generation can benefit from a stronger, healthier family.

Christina first stopped by the Treehouse five years ago with two kids and a third on the way.

She told me she had no job, was in an unhealthy relationship and had no parenting skills.

And she says the Treehouse offered hope.

“I learned how to cook better for my kids, I learned how to potty train my kids, I learned how to understand my kids and understand myself,” reflects Christina.

She says the education and support from the Treehouse were invaluable.

“They care and not just in a, ‘we’re here for you because you’re a mom in need,’ like we’re actually real people. They love me. They love my kids.”

Christina was in a bad place when she came here.

But now five years later, she tears up thinking about how far she and her family have come.

She and her husband have been married several years, are in the process of buying a home and currently own two vehicles.

“We are doing it on our own. And a lot of that was having somebody behind me that had faith in me on days when I don’t have faith in myself some days,” Christina says.

She credits her success to the Treehouse.

“They’ve been Christmas for us before, they’ve been new teeth for me. A conversation with Rachel is what turned the food pantry into the food pantry. It’s pretty awesome.”

And now it brings Christina joy to pay it forward in a way that gives her an excuse to come back and visit.

“I’m always up here with buckets of stuff. I give back in a way I can give back to people that love us and care.”

She says she’s proud of herself for doing the work so her kids’ future can be better.

“These are things that they taught me that now I can break that cycle that I came from. I don’t like that cycle. To find an organization to help, that’s amazing.”

If you’d like to help the Treehouse, you can participate in the Labor Run on Labor Day.

It’s the only fundraiser the Treehouse holds all year and you can find registration information by clicking here.

You’ll also find a link to the Treehouse website with a list of all their needs and ways you can help by clicking here.

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