Why you need to protect your eyes during eclipse

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – The warnings are out there: protect your eyes during the solar eclipse.

The sun produces an incredible amount of ultraviolet lights, this is what gives you a sunburn on your skin. It will also cloud the clear part of your eye if damaged.

Infrared light, more commonly known as heat, is also produced by the sun. This light travels deeper inside the eye and will burn your retina. The retina is the sensitive surface inside the eye that allows you to sense light and form a picture of what you are actually seeing.

“Your typical sunglasses are not a safe viewing mechanism,” explained Harold Henderson, Director of Lake Afton. “They’ll typically block 10 to 15 percent of the sun’s light. The special eclipse glasses are more like welder’s goggles. They block 99.999 percent of light. They only let in about one thousandth of the amount of light that the sun would normally deliver to your eyes.”

If you have a pair of welding glasses, experts warn you are not supposed to use those to look at the sun because they are not ISO approved.

Your best bet is to find a pair of approved eclipse glasses.

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