Give a Little: TrenJ’viuus

Despite starting a family of their own, Kyle and Melissa Malone continue their commitment to Big Brothers Big Sisters

T.J. tells us about his match with Kyle and Melissa Malone.

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Kyle and Melissa Malone had plans to start their own family, and that might keep some couples from signing up for Big Brothers Big Sisters. But this couple was determined to give back, and now they’ll tell you their family actually started growing almost a year ago.

10-year-old TrenJ’viuus has become great friends with Kyle and Melissa, but that doesn’t mean their games of driveway basketball are always friendly.

“It’s incredible a 10-year-old can have so much drive,” Big Brother, Kyle, told us.

And this fierce competitor is not afraid to the talk the talk, even though his game speaks volumes by itself.

“I just like cross him up and he falls and I make my layup,” TrenJ’viuus said with a grin.

“I obviously need to learn something new,” Kyle replied, “but he’s teaching the old dog new tricks.”

But don’t expect Melissa to simply sit and watch from the sidelines. She’ll mix it up with the boys, too, even though she’s carrying a little boy of her own.

“It’s neat that he’ll have a Big Brother or uncle to follow around or play basketball with,” she said.

A major life change is coming, but it hasn’t changed their commitment to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“We view T.J. as a part of our family,” Kyle said. “When we figured out our baby was coming, we had a conversation and said, ‘Hey, nothing’s changing man.'”

Comforting words for this future fourth grader who lists swimming, the arcade and go karting as some of his favorite activities, so far.

“They’re good, and they help me out sometimes,” T.J. said.

They’re building a bond that will only grow stronger as their family grows bigger. T.J.’s message to them is proof this match is a slam dunk success.

“Thanks for what you give me and do for me.”

If you’d like more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters just call 1-888-KS-4-BIGS or go to