West Wichita residents catch thieves on camera

Vivint home security footage

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A west Wichita family is out $300 worth of packages after two thieves stole them off their front porch last week.

Kristin Loyd has a home security app on her phone which allows her family to continuously view two thieves approaching her door step, looking inside and taking the packages on her porch.

“This seems to be random. They came an hour after the UPS truck, so they weren’t following it like I’ve heard of before,” Loyd said.

Security film shows a man and a woman approaching the porch where Loyd lives. The man peers into the window and mutters something to the woman that sounds like, “they’re home”. The female, who appears to be pregnant and may be holding a rosary, responds what sounds like “no they’re not” before they grab the packages and retreat to the street.

Loyd works an odd schedule and thinks it is only coincidence that the thieves struck when she wasn’t home in the middle of the day.

“This isn’t just about what happened to me, this is becoming rampant among Wichita. Just talking to people, casually about it and they have either had it happen to them or know someone it’s happened to,” Loyd said.

If you know the identity of the thieves, you may be entitled to a cash reward.

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