Lemonade stand raises money for family of fallen officer

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WTHR/NBC News) – A 5-year-old Indiana boy is running a lemonade stand with a special cause.

Malachi Fronczak is on a mission to sell as many cups of lemonade as he can before he starts kindergarten later this week.

“I say it’s a donation and I ask what kind and they choose a kind and they come back for more if they want,” explained Malachi of the pink, yellow and raspberry lemonades from which his customers can choose.

The Malachi Special is all three flavors of lemonade in one glass. It’s been a big hit with everyone who stops by the stand.

Many people have also come out because of the reason Malachi is selling lemonade in the first place.

“He was, like, I need to open my stand and raise money for him,” said Malachi’s dad, Jason Fronczak.

Fronczak is talking about the reaction Malachi had when he heard about the death of Southport Police Lt. Aaron Allan.

“He was pretty shocked that it could even happen,” said Fronczak, explaining that sad news is not something he and his wife usually share with their young son.

This time, though, he heard about what happened and wanted to help.

Malachi is giving every penny he raises at his lemonade stand to Allan’s family.

When word got out to Southport’s police chief, he knew he had to see this for himself.

Monday night a number of officers from the Southport Police Department made the trip up U.S. 31 to visit Malachi.

Chief Thomas Vaughn told Malachi, “I can’t tell you how much that meant to us that you did that.”

One by one, members of Lt. Allan’s department thanked Malachi with hugs and words of appreciation.

They even let Malachi turn on a siren in one of their cars as a thank you for his kindness and hard work.

Even the K-9 officers wanted to show gratitude, so Malachi got a handshake from a Southport police dog.