Two arrested after body found in freezer

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WFMJ) – Two suspects are in custody in connection with a body found in a freezer at a Campbell, Ohio home.

Youngstown police arrested Arturo Novoa, 31, on a warrant for abuse of a corpse Saturday night.

On Sunday, Katrina Layton, 34, was also arrested and may also be charged with abuse of a corpse, as well as obstructing justice.

Youngstown police said it is too early to tell how the person, who is possibly a woman, died, but they do believe the crime happened in Youngstown and later the freezer was moved to a home in Campbell.

Novoa allegedly told a friend that his electricity was out and that he needed to store a freezer in his basement at the home in Campbell. The friend had no idea there was a body inside since the freezer had been padlocked.