Hospital homicide: Bizarre escape ends in death

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – An Oklahoma City burglary suspect who was taken to the hospital after he was arrested may have caused the death of another patient.

On April 9, Jimmy McCoy was allegedly involved in a burglary. He was arrested, then taken to the hospital after suffering an apparent seizure.

“During this hospital stay, Mr. McCoy needed to use the bathroom. The officers did unlock his handcuffs that Mr. McCoy was wearing, so he could use the restroom facilities,” explains Captain Bo Mathews of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Shortly thereafter, McCoy reportedly ran from the room in what police are calling an attempt to escape custody.

According to Captain Mathews, McCoy ran down a hallway and entered the room of another patient, Reginald Morrisey. McCoy allegedly jumped on top of Morrisey and stood on him in an attempt to climb through the ceiling to make his escape.

“Mr. McCoy then attempted to jump outside the 6-floor story window by running and jumping into the window,” says Mathews. “He did crash into the window.”

Officers then used force, which included bursts of pepper spray, to take McCoy into custody.

Five days after the altercation, the hospital patient, Morrisey, passed away.

The Medical Examiner has since ruled the case a homicide.

The case will be presented to the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office to determine if any charges will be filed.