WPD buys new puppy for man whose dog was shot by officer

Andrew Horton got a new puppy on Saturday. Photo courtesy Andrew Horton

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Earlier this week a Wichita police officer shot and killed a dog while on a call.

Frustrated and confused, the owner of the dog joined his family and police chief Gordon Ramsay at the animal shelter Saturday to accept a new dog. Though the chief of police says his officer acted in self defense, he still wanted to do something for the family; offering to pay for the funeral services of the dog and purchase the family a new dog.

“We’re doing this for the family because we still have compassion in these situations,” said Chief Gordon Ramsay. “Our heart goes out to the family. We do have issues with dogs running; especially those that are vicious or aggressive towards people. That’s a community wide problem, and we want to continue to work with our residents to resolve those issues.”

Horton says his dog Red snuck out of the backyard fence and was shot.  He adds that he did not see what happened that day, but he knows his dog was not aggressive.

“They know they did something wrong,” said Horton. “This is the first time I’ve heard of Wichita PD buying someone a dog that they’ve shot before. So, they know they did something wrong so they’re trying to make it as good as possible but it’s not good enough.”

Currently, Horton is seeking legal advice from an attorney and waiting for the body cam footage from the responding officer to decide what he wants to do next. Chief Ramsay responded, saying the concerns about animal handling with law enforcement are not new, but it’s something the police department wants to keep working on.

“The societal expectations of how animals are treated continues to change and evolve, and we want to make sure our officers are trained up to speed,” said Ramsay. “And this training was well in advance to this incident but we want to make sure our officers are trained.”

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