Fire victim moving out of damaged townhouse

Fire destroyed parts of a four-plex in Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Wichita firefighters originally got a report someone was trapped in a fourplex that was on fire in Wichita over the weekend. Turns out nobody was home.

And that includes Lynne.

“I’m just getting here, I haven’t seen the inside yet,” says Lynne LeMaster of Wichita. “It does stink in here.”

Lynne had moved a few of her belongings to a new place, since she is moving anyway.

“I guess this speeds up that process,” says Lynne. “No choice.”

Lynne says she wasn’t watching the news and happened to be out-of-town over the weekend.

“I found out about the fire in a text message,” says Lynne. “1:30 in the morning, they let me know.”

Lynne is one of four residents who are dealing with various amounts of damage to their townhouses, after a fourplex caught fire around noon on Sunday. Firefighters said the original damage estimate was around $100,000, with one family displaced.

“Oh, this can’t be lived in right now, so I guess I would be considered displaced,” explains Lynne. “It doesn’t look like there’s any water damage to it so it’s just going to be smoke and the smoke isn’t too, too bad so I’ll just get a restoration service to take care of it.”

As Lynne looked around her home, she did notice some water damage.

Lynn’s townhouse is unit three. Her unit is attached to the one that caught fire over the weekend.

“They are ok, from what I’m told,” says Lynne. “Glad nobody was hurt.”

Lynne says she does have insurance, but wonders how much will be covered. Her belongings smell strongly of smoke, and there is some water damage to parts of her townhouse. She was in the process of moving but had not yet moved most of her belongings.

“It will be up to the insurance,” says Lynne. “But I’ll have to get someone to move all of my stuff. I can’t do all this by myself.”

Fire investigators have not yet released the cause of the fire, or a final damage estimate to the fourplex.

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