Park City Police Department moving into new facility amid staffing shortage

PARK CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – The Park City Police Chief says his staff has been stretched thin for about a year.

Police Chief Phil Bostian says it makes it hard, at times, to get the minimum of two officers per shift.

“Well, I have got to give credit to our officers because they step up as police officers often do, and they do what is necessary to make things work,” says Chief Bostian.

Even with one recruit in the academy and two officers in field training, it could be some time before they are street ready.

“It really takes about two years from the time you want to hire someone until they are a fully functioning police officer,” says Bostian.

Now, his officers are sometimes pulling consecutive 60 hour work weeks.

“They get to the point where the money from overtime is a nice thing, but they just want a day off,” he adds.

To make matters worse, they share a tightly packed building with city hall. It’s so small, they can’t interview multiple suspects at once.

“We have one interview room,” says Bostian. “If we have more than one suspect, we have to put people out sitting in patrol cars out in the parking lot being monitored by another officer.”

But they’re packing up and moving on to a much bigger home on Millsboro Road. Both the police department and city hall will share the space that is more than double the size of the current building.

“What you gain from that is a lot of informal communication where you are simply crossing paths with different officers and able to exchange information and keep each other abreast of what is going on.”

There’s more interview rooms, more offices, more of everything, even a place where officers can simply get ready for work.

Chief Bostian says this building is a light at the end of a tunnel.

“Instead of being a negative, it is going to be a net positive in terms of recruiting,” says Bostian.

He says they plan to be moved in by Tuesday next week.

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