Farmer’s classic cars head to auction

PAUL, Idaho (KTVB) – Cal Phillips’ property outside of Paul, Idaho is peppered with old tractors and trucks, but a closer look inside the outbuildings reveals so much more.

“I still can’t believe all the cars,” says Sherri Anderson, about her dad’s eclectic collection.

The extensive assortment of old cars are housed in four buildings on the property.

Vernon Callen “Cal” Phillips was born in eastern Idaho in 1925. He went to war and was wounded in the 1940s before returning home from the Philippines to raise a family and a farm, growing potatoes, sugar beets and barley.

In 1994, Cal retired from farming and found something else to fill his new-found free time. He started finding and fixing up old cars.

“The whole premise was he was going to fix them up and sell them, and he stopped selling them,” laughs Sherri.

His collection climbed to nearly 80 vehicles: from Model As to MGs, Plymouths to Pontiacs, Chevys to Studebakers, Bentleys to Rolls Royces – relics from nearly every decade of the last century.

Cal died four years ago at the age of 88, and his eclectic collection has since collected cobwebs and dust.

All of Cal’s cars will be transported to Dealers Auto Auction in Nampa, where they will be detailed and readied for sale to the public on August 26.

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