Shelter for old dogs fears closure

Seaton cares for 80 dogs and 6 cats.

DODGE CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – A no-kill animal shelter in Dodge City is struggling to stay open. They specialize in older dogs that few people want to adopt.

For 15 years, Monica Seaton has taken care of dozens of pets at her home.

“It is a sanctuary,” she said, “until a right adopter comes along.”

She funds her shelter entirely out of pocket.

“Who’s going to if I don’t?” asked Seaton.

About eighty older dogs are housed on a four-acre property until they can find a permanent home, but between vet bills, payroll and repairs to a damaged roof, Seaton needs about $16,000 to catch up on her bills.

“In a month I can have a vet bill between $1,500 and $1,700,” she said. In addition, she pays her employees $1,500 per week.

If she can’t afford to take care of the dogs anymore, city officials say they’re there to help.

“The animal shelter in Dodge City and the Ford County Humane Society would help Monica to get her dogs placed in different rescue groups all over the United States,” said Laura Stein, who supervises Dodge City Animal Control.

“I hope other rescues would step forward,” said Seaton. “But some of my dogs are 13.”

Seaton worries that if she can’t stay open, too many dogs will be overlooked by those looking for a pet but are concerned about the dogs’ ages.

“Well, what guarantee do you have that you’re not going to die tomorrow?” she said. “Or the next day? Give that older dog a chance. Some of them are wonderful.”

Seaton is trying to raise money online to stay open.

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