Traveling woman seeking to thank Wichita woman

message from Samantha Chenault

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – A woman travelling home to Tennessee recently had some help on a flight from a Wichita woman – and is seeking to thank her.

Samantha Chenault was on a United Airlines flight, traveling from Nevada to Denver when she began to have a seizure. A note she posted on her Facebook says this:

“Yesterday, (july 6, 2017) I was on a United Airlines flight from Reno NV to Denver CO. I was sitting next to a woman and her 18 year old daughter who are from Wichita KS. Just Before landing in Denver, I started to have a seizure. While there was a doctor or nurse from Germany who helped me physically,The woman next to me took care of me emotionally. She kept rubbing my head and my hands telling me it was going to be okay. She walked off of the plane with me and sat with me until she couldn’t anymore (had to catch a connecting flight) and she even went so far as to call my husband for me and notify him of what was going on, since I could hardly speak or use my hands. The airline got the name of the German man, and offered to give him a free flight for his help. They did not get her info, nor will they give me her name. I am hoping to get this message out there to her so I can thank her personally and hopefully get her info to United as well ❤ ❤ please share!!”